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Enjoy luxurious treatments designed to make your skin more beautiful and relax your senses. 

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Welcome to the new, Fabulous world

Fabulous Beauty Studio is a beauty salon in Hastings created for all of those who love feeling good about themselves. Those who value expertise and professional care. Those who love relaxing treatments far away from the hustle and bustle of the city; who want to forget about the daily rush and just focus on themselves. Let us take care of your skin and help you achieve a healthy glow! 

Why Fabulous Beauty?

A variety of treatments

A cosy, homey atmosphere

Professional equipment

Beauty products by verified brands

Affordable prices

Therapies tailored to meet the needs of your skin

Fabulous Facials

Give your skin professional care

You deserve flawless, youthful, smooth skin without wrinkles, acne, or discolouration. We offer non-invasive treatments, providing a wide range of therapies dedicated to treating various skin conditions. We take great care to select suitable treatments that meet our clients’ specific needs and expectations.

Our current go-to facial treatments

Microneedle Mesotherapy

Do you dream of a smooth, firm, toned skin? Of evening out your skin tone? Using the DermaPen with microneedles, we will help you regain confidence in your appearance! Your skin will be left oxygenated, nourished, and revitalised, free of expression lines, sunspots, or acne scars. Simply beautiful!


A multi-stage cleansing treatment designed to exfoliate your skin gently. It is a perfect banquet facial that immediately eliminates impurities and leaves the complexion oxygenated, nourished, and revitalized. Meet the incredible power of hydrogen molecules accompanied by electroporation, and say hello to glowing, smooth, and brightened skin!

Check out the Arkana chemical peels

Discover the brightening, exfoliating, and cleansing power of acids! Chemical peels are non-invasive treatments intended to treat most skin conditions. They are suitable for all skin types – including sensitive skin – regardless of age. Depending on the client’s individual needs, we select an appropriate acid, concentration, frequency, and number of repetitions in the series. We use products by the professional Polish brand Arkana, designed for specialist treatments performed by experienced cosmetologists.

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Enjoy luxurious treatments designed to make your skin more beautiful and relax your senses. 

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